North-south reference road:
E05 E15 E25 E35 E45
E55 E65 E75 E85 E95
E101 E105 E115 E117 E119
E121 E123 E125 E127
West-east reference road:
E10 E20 E30 E40 E50
E60 E70 E80 E90
North-south intermediate road:
E01 E03 E07 E09 E11
E13 E17 E19 E21 E23
E27 E29 E31 E33 E37
E39 E41 E43 E47 E49
E51 E53 E57 E59 E61
E63 E67 E69 E71 E73
E77 E79 E81 E83 E87
E89 E91 E97
West-east intermediate road:
E04 E06 E08 E12 E14
E16 E18 E22 E24 E26
E28 E32 E34 E36 E38
E42 E44 E46 E48 E52
E54 E56 E58 E62 E64
E66 E68 E72 E74 E76
E78 E82 E84 E86 E88
E92 E94 E96 E98
Branch, link or connecting road:
E001 E002 E003 E004 E005
E006 E007 E008 E009 E010
E011 E012 E013 E014 E015
E016 E134 E136 E201 E231
E232 E233 E234 E251 E261
E262 E271 E272 E311 E312
E313 E314 E331 E371 E372
E373 E381 E391 E401 E402
E403 E404 E411 E420 E421
E422 E429 E441 E442 E451
E461 E462 E471 E501 E502
E511 E512 E531 E532 E533
E551 E552 E571 E572 E573
E574 E575 E576 E578 E581
E583 E584 E592 E601 E602
E603 E604 E606 E607 E611
E612 E641 E651 E652 E661
E662 E671 E673 E675 E691
E692 E711 E712 E713 E714
E717 E751 E761 E762 E763
E771 E772 E773 E801 E802
E803 E804 E805 E806 E821
E840 E841 E842 E843 E844
E846 E847 E848 E851 E852
E853 E871 E901 E902 E931
E932 E933 E951 E952 E961

Wellcome to EuroRoads database!

For more information about numbering and what euroroads are read Elbruz and Marcel's site. Elbruz is a great site, which I stumbled upon quite some time ago and it gave me the idea for this site. Their site is very good but is a little outdated and also has no dynamic capabilities. I already made the city-to-city route finder, but I can't put it up, since it overloads the server - I will try to write a couple of hacks for it when I have time..

Unknown lengths. As you may notice some segments have length of 10000 km - I don't have the maps for them, so if you can help me out - please drop me an email. The problematic ones are the extension of euro roads to asia (former USSR - Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgizstan, Asian part of Russia, etc).

The system. I tried to be as exact as I could while making the database. I have converted the data for the start from UNECE documents and than mostly by hand went through it and fixed it. I plan on adding the native names for cities (as in Elbruz), I mostly copied distances from their site too, but I have added a couple of crossings and extend some roads a little thus it may be not exactly the same as in UNECE or Elbruz. I think UNECE specification of the roads was simplified and some routes did not have any connections, but it was clearly obvious that they should be connected to nearby roads. I plan to change the system so that the official UNECE notation is in bold, but it will take some time ofc.

Albania. You may notice that there are cities in Albania which are connected to euroroad network. Actually they aren't since Albania has not signed AGR (the network agreement), but I extended all roads which follow up to Albanian border to Tirane. E851 is not even supposed to go to Tirana (I think), but yet I decided that it should. Feels great to make decisions UN is making:) Joking. It's only for statistics:)

The distances. The segment length is counted as shown on map from city to city - this means, that if you actually drive along the route and don't visit the city you will save up lots and lots of km - Elbruz has the cummulative route length to show the true distance. I don't have it yet... No time:) And no good mapping software;)

Speaking of which if you like this site and want to do something nice for me - you're welcome - I could really use some good maps...

Last update: 2005-Jan-23

Albania (AL)
Armenia (AM)
Austria (AT)
Azerbaijan (AZ)
Belarus (BY)
Belgium (BE)
Bosnia & Herzegovina (BA)
Bulgaria (BG)
Croatia (HR)
Czech Republic (CZ)
Denmark (DK)
Estonia (EE)
Finland (FI)
France (FR)
Georgia (Sakartvelo) (GE)
Germany (DE)
Great Britain (GB)
Greece (GR)
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Macedonia (MK)
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Netherlands (NL)
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Poland (PL)
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Serbia and Montenegro (CS)
Slovakia (SK)
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Spain (ES)
Sweden (SE)
Switzerland (CH)
Syria (SY)
Tajikistan (TJ)
Turkey (TR)
Turkmenistan (TM)
Ukraine (UA)
Uzbekistan (UZ)

The database includes:
1079 waypoints
1533 segments
186465 kilometers (48 unknown segments) of which
~80000 km are on the reference roads in EU of which
~6000 km I have been on and I plan to go through the rest:)

Draft of changes in UNECE:
E40 - rename Leninogorsk to Ridder
E60 - extend from Constanta to Agigea
E38 - extend from Kyzylorda to Shymkent
E68 - change to Szeged - Arad - Ilia - Deva - Sebes - Sibiu - Vestem - Fagaras - Brasov
E85 - add Sabaoani between Suceava and Roman, add Tisita between Marasesti and Buzau
E81 - extend from Bucuresti to Constanta (Bucuresti - Lehliu - Fetesti - Cernavoda - Constanta)
E99 - new road: Sanliurfa - Diyarbakir - Bitlis - Dogubeyazit - Igdir - Dilucu - Sadarak
E263 - new road: Tallinn - Tartu - Luhamaa
E441 - extend from Plauen to Hof
E571 - new road: Ploiesti - Buzau
E675 - supress Constanta - Agigea
E581 - replace Marasesti with Tisita
E583 - replace Roman with Sabaoani
E673 - replace Deva with Ilia
E691 - extend from Vale to Horasan (Vale - Turkgozu - Posof - Kars - Horasan)
E002 - change to Alyat - Saatli - Mehgri - Ordubad - Djulfa - Nakhchivan - Sadarak
(c) 2004-2005, Dominykas Blyze
Thanks to: Elbruz, Marcel Monterie, UNECE, Google
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